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Friday, September 3, 2010

What is Real?

With each pump of my legs I got closer and closer to my goal... to touch the sky while swinging on the old swing set in my grandma's yard.

Many a summer's day in my childhood was spent at grandma's. There are several things today that remind me about what was real during that time. The smell of wild mint, the cat tails blowing in the rain, the sound of the train coming, the beauty of lilacs, vanilla ice cream cones, and the thrill of a child in a swing.

Those things were real and have left everlasting memories in my mind.

Today things that are real are not that simple. Today's reality is about studying philosophy, ideology, and theories in education. What is real right now is that these words are making my mind ACHE!

I have been reading page after page of information on all three. My mind is spinning. I need to be able to connect each to one another as well as point out their differences. It isn't happening.

These things are so abstract, and I do not do well with abstract.

I want to grasp something real right now. I want to escape for a moment to the time in my life when what was real was the smell of wild mint, eating an ice cream cone with grandpa, and reaching for the sky while sitting on the swing.

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