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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

...having a dog makes you rich...

I'm not doing to well in the sleep department tonight...husband had to work late and I just don't sleep so well without him around. I have spent a lot of time this evening browsing through other photo blogs...lots of eye candy out there. It has made me appreciate the talent that I have and the ability to improve. I know I am not the greatest photographer out there but as I look at my own images and look at others I do appreciate that I have a gift and it gets better as I take the time to practice and gain more knowledge about my craft.

I was inspired to dig back a couple of months and pull out a few pictures of my kids to post on my blog. This is the first one I would like to share...it is of my son and my sister-in-laws dog. My son loves animals and quickly falls in love with them. Bella is this beauty's name. I'm not positive what mix of breeds she is but I do know she does have boxer in her. My sister-in-law, I guess, inherited Bella from my brother (not her husband). As with any animals in my family, Bella has become well loved and cared for.

I love to find quotes that fit the photo...with this one it was no different...I found this:
"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich" ...Louis Sabin
I know my son will agree.
So I present to you...My son, Mr. LA and Bella...


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