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Saturday, August 21, 2010

did someone say brownies?

ok... so what you are about to see is the a picture of the most delicious brownies ever made by my husband the super duper cook of this house everything he makes taste so good and these are more than good in the words of toni the tiger they are great and the picture below is going to make your mouth water and you are going to wish that my husband will come to your house and make you some but he most likely won't so you are going to have to make these brownies yourself because you will not be able to stop thinking about them until you do and then after you take your first bite you will say to yourself self are they really this good so you will take another bite to make sure that they are really that good and then another bite and then another and then before you know it the pan of brownies has disappeared and yes i know i just typed one very long run-on sentence but when describing these brownies it is very difficult to describe these brownies and type and use proper grammar all at the same time.

so i share with you this image and a link to the recipe. click on picture to go to recipe.

warning, image may cause excessive drooling.

**note: the brownies picture here were made with walnuts for the topping instead of powdered sugar.


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